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Wed, Jul 07


Tel Aviv-Yafo

ALMA x Bavel ▪️ As Above So Below ▪️ 07/07/21

הרישום נסגר
אירועים אחרים
ALMA x Bavel ▪️ As Above So Below ▪️ 07/07/21
ALMA x Bavel ▪️ As Above So Below ▪️ 07/07/21

זמן ומיקום

Jul 07, 2021, 8:30 PM

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

פרטי האירוע

Alma Community is pleased to present

⟁ As Above So Below ⟁

🦎 07/07/21 | Bavel TLV 🦎


Underground Temple -

According to hidden books, a number of layers corresponding to the human body are realized in our sphere. Like chakras in the human body, our sphere is divided into different dimensions. 

The characteristic side of us is most of the time to ascend to the "land" dimension of the highest, brightest and safest dimension. This time we will go down to the core of the earth, to the central root, where it all begins.

We invite you on a journey into the belly of the earth, into the central fire, and get out of the big machine. We arrive at a new place (from the nylons), for a night with three different spaces Alma Style dismantled in quality content. Live performances that move in space and lots of surprises as we like. The Tower of Babel fell on multiple tongues. Today, there is only one language

Or as we like to say: "As you are down. Like this, you are up"

According to: Moshe warmed the plate.

proud to present:



As always we have carefully chosen who is trusted to lead it

In the club

🔊 DAWN | Alma Rec

🔊 Cerebro Spinal | PAK Sound

🔊 NØX aka GɅÏɅ | Universal Tribe Rec

  Space X

🎹 GUY SHANI | Full Live Show 🎤 

🎹 OSCAR PINK | Full Live Show 🎤

🔊 Brillantini | Alma Rec

🔊 AFA | Alma Rec


🏛 🏛 Location 🏛 ⟁


🌚 🌚 Time 🌞⟁



20:30 - 04:00

Ec 🔮Deco🔮 ⟁

BAVEL x Plasma Lab

👁 👁Art👁 ⟁

Amazing Visual Art & Show's


The number of tickets for the experience is limited! Tickets are sold online only.

⟁ 💡Tickets💡⟁

| 1 |  AlMush | 65 ₪ |

| 2 | At The Gate | 85 ₪ |


Of course you are welcome to contact us in a chat on Facebook or on our website and we will be happy to answer any questions:



- Bureaucracy -

| Entrance to the event from the age of 21+.

| The production reserves the right

Confirm purchase individually.

Please follow the instructions of the people

The security and the ushers

No entry to the event with any weapon.

Zero tolerance for harassment and intrusion into personal space

| Please arrive with ID. And the card

That you purchased in print or by email.

| Last cancellation date:

7 - Business days from the date of the event!

Terms of the Cancellation Policy -


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