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Sat, Jan 01


The Mondo Club Tel Aviv

Camel Riders X Mondo 2000 - Tribu Ancestral Vol. 2 Launch Party

On Saturday the 1st, camel riders arrive in Mundo 2000 to open the happiest year possible with a celebratory launch party for the new Tribu Ancestral Vol collection. 2 collected by Colombian camel David Madrid.

הרישום נסגר
אירועים אחרים
Camel Riders X Mondo 2000 - Tribu Ancestral Vol. 2 Launch Party
Camel Riders X Mondo 2000 - Tribu Ancestral Vol. 2 Launch Party

זמן ומיקום

Jan 01, 2022, 4:00 PM GMT+2 – Jan 02, 2022, 2:00 AM GMT+2

The Mondo Club Tel Aviv, Levinski St 39, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

פרטי האירוע

On Saturday the 1st, camel riders arrive at Mundo 2000 to open the happiest year possible with a celebratory launch party for the new Tribu Ancestral Vol collection. 2 collected by Colombian camel David Madrid. 

We will embark on an eclectic journey across the landscapes and roads of the most diverse continent in the world, combining traditional instruments, breathtaking sounds and an abundance of organic elements with electronic beats that blend with ancient traditions along with modern clubbing culture. 

We will start at noon before sunset and continue dancing until late at night with performances and recordings combined with live instruments conducted by: LaRose, Fleur and Yael 

Dagon (Live), Senior Arschus (Live), Punkmel, Tal Wellner (Live), Syl and David Madrid Laroz (Diynamic Music | Sol Selectas | Camel Riders)

  It does not really matter what musical style you connect with, in any case the music of Haim LaRose the main camel has passed through your ears. Among his many collaborations with Rose, Zehava Ben produced "Tipat Mazal", recorded and performed with Berry Sakharof during "Hot on the Moon", and was the producer of the album "Touches", participated in the recordings of Assaf Amdursky's first album, starred around the country and the world with his dub reggae project "Rose Sound System", founded the "Desert Grove" project, in which he combined electric and electronic music with root music from around the Middle East and collaborated with Idan Raichel, Kutiman, Yossi Payne, Ravid Kahlani, and other prominent names. In recent years Rose has been focusing on his electronic project with which he travels the world, alongside releasing tracks on huge labels like Solomon's Dynamics, Sabo's Sul Selects and others. Now a moment after another boiling EP that moves between the acid of Paulie Acid and Emma Dixon and others - Rose deserves hotter than ever.

Feller & Yael Dagon (Live) [Camel Riders] Feller is an artist, creator and eclectic DJ with an addictive cabaret show, a walking legend who has created musical combinations on the verge of impossible for over a decade in the most colorful plazas in Israel and around the world. We have long considered Fleur as part of the family. A few days ago he released his debut piece on the label in the fine collection Tribo Ensemble curated by David Madrid. He will be joined by the wonderful mandolin player Yael Dagon, one of the artists whose stage presence leaves the audience speechless, her beauty and delicacy along with her sharpness and charisma put her on the same line with top performers and we look forward to hearing their wondrous live on the most beautiful rooftop in town. 

Señor Aroshas (Live) [Camel Riders] Nitzan Aroshas Aka Senior Aroshas is a DJ and electronic producer, when in recent years he has performed with his colorful ensemble "Malby Tropical" on the most beautiful stages in the country. In the last two years, Senior Arushas has also broken out with his unique solo project that combines electronics with Latin touches and a Mediterranean and Balkan touch, with the help of a variety of musical instruments and lots of atmosphere. Nitzan has been part of the Camel Raiders family for some time after taking part in the Syl 'Everlast' collection and we are very happy to host him for the first time at Camel Raiders at our special Latin celebration.

FunKamel [Camel Riders] In recent years Motti Landsman and Neria Auerbach have been touring their funky camel on a journey to spread electronic oriental music in all its nuances, since they have already played in every corner of the city and beyond, setting up the "Camel Riders" label Abroad and at leading festivals in the country as they play ethnic music on low, high and deep beats combining melodies from the Maghreb to the Levant. Watch an electronic hafala with lots of pelvic swings and happy hands in the air. 

Tal Wollner (Live) [Camel Riders] Tal Wollner is a musician, producer, multi-instrumentalist and gifted DJ, who has been conquering Israel for some time with various and special musical projects and sweeping and precise sets, just the way we like it. A combination of tropical and desert on a bed of low tempo and deep frequencies up to high tempo and kicking sounds with an emphasis on tribalism, eclecticism and live elements (more, saxophone, sampler). In the past year, Tal has been producing music non-stop and has managed to release two great pieces from us in the two Tribu Ancestral collections collected by David Madrid and the Everlust collection collected by Syl. In addition, Tal is currently cooking us a lot more quality music that will soon be released on international labels, so there is something to look forward to. Tal will come to us for a live set with his galactic oud, so expect a particularly happy celebration. 

Seel & David Madrid [Camel Riders] Few people do we trust their musical taste with their eyes closed and who every time manage to play us things that make our ear get as excited as Jonathan Crystal. For quite a few years now he has been touring the country and the world and playing the music he creates at the most colorful festivals and events, this time he will join


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