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רישוי אירועים

שירותי עיצוב

שירותי לוגיסטיקה

Wrapped in space
16.02.22 | Tribe Tel Aviv


תכנון אירוע


הפקה דיגיטלית


לוקיישנים יחודיים

גלריית אירועים

Alma and Maana are happy and excited to launch

Wrapped in space
An evening of acquaintance with the anchored side of psychedelic psychic aviation, from both consciousness, music and frequencies and all the challenges that can come to us during the psychonautical journey.


Panel led by response team

Melodic Spring - "Psychotidal Answer" 
Mental and psychedelic crises in the light of the transpersonal approach. The psychedelic experience contains within it powerful sensory phenomena and personal and biographical content, but not only. In this lecture we will touch on the high lights and also dive into the deep and dark layers, and discover what message is waiting to be revealed from them. We will use simple and familiar tools to work with extreme experiences so that we can all meet the next experience from a more attentive and dedicated place.


Michael Payne - "The Hiker's Guide" 
The psychedelic experience does not begin as soon as we put the cardboard under the tongue and does not end when we go to bed at the end of the day. The preparation process begins long before, and the integration never ends. In the lecture we will look together at the things that affect the psychedelic experience, and we will get tools that will help us minimize the dangers and get the best out of it. We will learn to look at our experience as part of the process of preparation and integration, and as part of the broader process of our lives.


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